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Contract Logistics Advisory by LAC

Contract logistics is a complex transaction between companies and 3PL suppliers. It is advisable for companies to invest in the contracting phase by hiring experienced professionals to handle and provide guidance in the entire process.

LAC specializes in 3PL sourcing  and contract negotiation support for companies of all sizes and across all industries. If you are looking for support in finding a 3PL partner for your company, LAC can support you in the entire sourcing process – from market research through contract negotiations.

Having the right support on your side from the very beginning will ensure that your needs are being adequately addressed and your best interests are protected and secured along the sourcing journey of negotiating a logistics contract.

Logistics Avenue Consulting can support you with the following:


Contract Negotiations
with 3PLs

  Multiple industry best in-class contractual provisions

  Optimal commercial terms (pricing, flexibility, scalability)

  Safeguards protecting you from contingent or accidental circumstances 


Tender Management

  Managing entire tendering process

  Experience in identifying most cost efficient solutions



Benchmarking of 3PL contracts

  Multiple industry experience in understanding fair cost base from 3PLs

  Providing of „Should be Costs” of warehousing operations


Support in Execution of  3PL contracts

  Supplier Relationship

– Execution of contractual obligations from the 3PL
– Process improvement identification
– Strengthening of collaboration with the 3PL



  Assessment of in-house
 vs. outsourced 3PL operations


Holistic approach to 3PL Management

  Site selection – rent
vs. lease assessment

  Infrastructure selection
– rent vs. lease assessment

  Strategic contract planning
– term, conditions, exit strategy

As part of our new client induction strategy, we offer to analyze your current contract for EUR 1,500.
As part of this fee, you will understand if your current contract meets best in class industry standards
and is provided to you at a fair cost base.


Based on the assessment outcome, LAC will be glad to support you in closing any gaps
which might be identified during this process.